Screen – “Connecting Youth Through Film!”

Screen is an exchange programme for youth between 18 and 25 funded by the FK Norway. The main in this project is activities related to filmmaking. Participants are expected to teach and train youth in filmmaking, participating in film production and plan, prepare and manage film festivals.

To apply you need to be from or live in Kenya, South Africa, Haiti or Norway. Have an interest for filmmaking, a strong motivation to develop yourself and a wish to contribute to the hosting organisations activity. There will be preparatory course three weeks before departure, a 3 month long exchange and follow up work to share experience from the exchange to communicate the Screen project and opportunities through other FK Norway projects.

The exchange from Norway to Haiti, Kenya or South Africa takes part from September to December each year, while the exchange from Haiti, Kenya or South Africa to Norway takes place April to June.

For applications to the programme please send CV and motivational letter by e-mail