About Suff:
SUFF was established in October 2009 as the Southern Youth Film Festival  in partnership between Tvibit Youth Culture House and the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF).

Over the last six (6) years we have developed into The SUFF Organisation (Not-for-Profit), now comprising of the Suff Academy, SUFF International Youth Festival and SUFF Awards, where we recognize talent.

Our Vision:
SUFF is a hybrid and creative organisation, a multi-sided education in film, media, arts, technology, skills development, leadership and entrepreneurship. Our programmes have been designed to help our youth create the kind of future they desire.

Our Mission:
We provide multi-functional and creative spaces where our youth and potential game-change can develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies they need to fulfill their values and visions. We build and provide the platforms (academy, festival & awards) where our youth can showcase their talent and be recognized.

Our Philosophy:
Im’ Possible
Im’ Creative
Im’ Innovative
Im’ Cogerer
Im’ Game-Changer